Follow the Signs

I am both a lover and a hater of GPS. I can spend hours looking up directions to a location on my computer. I zoom in on the streets to see what landmarks are at each turn and memorize them. Once my route is understood and I feel comfortable I enter the address in myContinue reading “Follow the Signs”

This Ole House

The past few weeks and months have held a good bit of travel for me. Vacation to South Carolina, quick girl’s trip to the beach with a friend and of course the weekend bike rides with my guy. I’ve rode the interstates, the backroads and what feels like every road in between. We took aContinue reading “This Ole House”

The Wrong Rug

This week I wrote a blog for the women’s ministry at my church. Check it out ❤️ It was 2014. There were protests in the Ukraine. There were bombings in Russia ahead of the Olympics. A chemical spill in West Virginia caused a water ban and President Obama was in office. While the world wasContinue reading “The Wrong Rug”

Missed it All

My husband is a biker dude. He’s a leather chap wearing, tattoo loving, Harley driving motorcycle dude. His love for Jesus is strong and wide and his love for bikes runs a close second. He has three bikes. I once caught him in the garage measuring and when questioned he informed me there is justContinue reading “Missed it All”

Thankful for the Manna

Comparison.  It’s a thing I do.  It’s a pretty well-known fact that bags and shoes are my thing.  I no longer possess the skill or ability to wear heels, but I ooze with envy when I see a woman elegantly walking in hers.  That handbag you have thrown over your shoulder…I’ve studied it.  I haveContinue reading “Thankful for the Manna”

On Display

I recently found myself walking the paths of a local flea market. I was in search of a table or bar or something for the kitchen and while I could envision it in my mind I could not find the words to describe it well enough for an internet search, explain to Shane or searchContinue reading “On Display”

Preserve Me

Why is hide and go seek the number one game for kids? It doesn’t matter where you’re from, how old you are or how many friends you had as a kid…we’ve all played the game at some point in our lives. My grandson, Dominic, loves it! He hides anywhere and everywhere and his giggling leadsContinue reading “Preserve Me”

Snow Globes

My grandson, Xavier, is obsessed with snow globes. He’ll shake anything that has a substance that will slowly fall and trickle to the bottom. He giggles and laughs like it is the greatest thing he’s ever witnessed in his young 4 years on earth. I have a snow globe that we purchased on our firstContinue reading “Snow Globes”

Building Something New

A fast food chain in my area is remodeling and rebuilding. Some of the buildings are remaining open while the new building are being built in the same location just a little to the left and right. But, a few of them did not have the extra room so they have taken the old storeContinue reading “Building Something New”